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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 18, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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right. >> baltimore police detective murdered while out celebrating his birthday. unusual murder weapon and the petty fight that led to the killing. >> elderly woman pronounced dead but she was still alive. >> she ould have been laying there three days. >> what officers saw that led to the mistake. good chance of showers overnight. how much rain we could get and when they will move out innthe sky watch foreccst. >> keep yoor head up. daughter has 250 -- >> baltimore woman wins big on
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who wants to be a millionaire. the question she annwered that who wants to be a millionaire. the question she annwered that won her 250,000 dollars >> hello. >> 25-year-old charged with killing off dutyypolice officer over the weekend. >> detective rian stevenson killed after being hit in the head with a piece of concrete. we were at thh bail review for the sussect day. shawn james in wrist waist aan ankle shackle and wearing a bright yellow prison suit when he appeared for the bail rae view today. he is being held without bail on first degree murder charges. detective stevenson family and friendss 3 are in disbelief and mourning. police say steveeson was on his way to club in canton saturday night when he got into a fight with another man of a parking spott charging documents state
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shawn james threw a fist size portion of concrete at stevenson killiig the off duty officer. stevenson was a detective and northeast district and the father of 3. >> sad. that going out then die. you can neverand imagine my heart goes out to úis wife and their kids. so we are here to show our love. >>reporter: funeral arrangements for the off duty officer are still being finalized. this is news at 5:30. okay kathleen. police commisssoner talked about the murder. watch the entire news -úconference on our web site fox slash had raw news. >> shawn james has been arrested before. back n july he was charged with several sex offenses. offenses the charges stem from an incident which james wept to the home of his ex girlfriend.
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>> there were some incidents at the home and following that incident there were several sex offense charges including second degree rape. >>reporter: james posted bail last month and is set to go on trial on the sex charges in ddeember. >> conttnue to cover the kill of officer brian seen son. very latest starting tonight at 10:00. >> stevenson murder now brings the city homicide total to 174 so far for the year. less than this time last year. nearly 4 percent drrp in murders. non-fatal hootings were also down 8 and a half percent from the year 2009. >> andarundle county police thought the elderly woman they were asked to check on was dead. 3 hhurs later they were stunned to find the woman breathing. police responding& tonight about the case of. john? >> neighbors about theyyusually see her and her mail piled up happened next. policehat
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responded they found ruth johnson on the there are of her bathroom. her skin was blue. she wasn't breathing. they felt an odor of decooposing bodies. officers presumed she was dead. 3 hours later an employee from the state anatomy board arrived to pick up what he thought was a body. he noticed that the woman was breathing and moving her arms. johnson then transported to a near by hospital. those who know her want to know whht really happened. >> she had been layiig there three days. take them three days 89-year-old woman nothing to drink. nothing to eat. you know. check her pplse and could have been so faint couldn't feel it. maybe that's what it was. >>reporter: ruth johnson since been relessed frommthe hospita hospital. neighbors say she's in a 'advertise. police conduut an internal investigation to find out whether any officees violattd any protocol. this is news at 5:30. fire claims the life of a baltimore man and neighbors question how long it took fire
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crew tooget there. the fire broke out late friday night on washington boulevard in south west baltimore. 59-year--ld james white was killed. memorial with flowers notes and balloons has been building for him. neighbors say they tried to help him. >> we ran up the steps but it was like a big flame and bunch of smoke just like flew in i couldn't breathe. trred to cover my face with my jacket but the smoke was toooheavy. >> closest fire trrck company to the hhme was closed. fire the man running a home repair scam in howard county and we have got hhs picture. keith live in howard county police headquarters where investigators say he is targeting the elderly. keith? >>reporter: howard county police are ttlking about 2 specific caaes right now. one that happened over the summer. one that happened just last movement police belieee there
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could be more victims ss tonight theory leasing a picture of he suspect. the take a close look. police looking forrthis man. his name is miller frank p.detectives say he used obituary to target his victims. elderly people who have just lost a family carol lawn court in elegantn on city. they say frank makes shabby repair in driveway 10 -údemandd more money than originally agreed upon and police say he steaas from his customers. >> well, you know this is a situation that shoulddreeind people how important it is to be careful who they let near and in their hooes. people who come to workkon your house should have identificction and you should be able to call the company and confirm they are who they say they are. >>reporter: so far police say least 1500 dollars and at least floor may be driving a red dodge truck. now police want youuto call them if you haae
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any information about this case. live now in howard county police headquarters fox 45 news att5:30. thank you keith. driver suspected of hitting 2 teens with his own car turns himself in. it happened early this morning ii rockville. car struck a 19-year-old and 16-year-old. they were both riding on a scooter. driver initially stopped but then left the scene. he turned himself in later in the day. 19-year-olds in serious condition. the 16-year-old is in critical condition. >> truck carrying beer over turns along maryland highway killing the driver. it happened early this morning alonn 495 and be these today. front loader with keg and cases of beer off the roadway. driver of the car was injured in the accident as well. >> how are the roads looking at this hour. kandaces has tte traffic edge report..& ú> hole jeff. we are tracking the actual spaedz for you right pretty slow go on theebeet way at liberty road. 45 miles per
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there is an accident n the inner loop direction involving tractor-trailer and it shuts down one lane so we have delay leading up to all the flashing lights and they start formmng righttaround wilkins avenue in fact. now as far as 95 is concerned it is incident free running through baltimore all the way up near 395. it does slow down though right aa the tunnel. 33 miles per hour there n the northbound laaes. it does ease up to rose veil but accident on the belt way in that vice president. across from the outer loop lanes at philadelphia road. as far as 95 let's take a live look moving through baltimore county at white marsh. northbound and south bound lanes and 95 is the corridor to go tonight because we have an accident completely shutting down philadelphia road at calgary road. stick with 95 as alternate route. that's the evening travels. now back over to you. >> thank you kandace. baltimoor city may be the next place to make a marijuana substitute illegal. city council is considering an
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ordinance to ban the substance known as k 2. if approved the synthetic pot would be out lawed media n the city. kount baltimore county passed a similar ban earry thissmonth. >> no city wants to be on this list >> till the ranking the charm city wwn't be smiling about. >> a security breach on facebook. how anyone who uses the very pop already networking web site could have their permanent information in the wrong hands. >> and what is hyped a mainly baby boom in the state of maryland? baby boom in the state of maryland? next on neww at 5
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i like a party as much as the next gal but, come on. $60,000 for one dinner held by the department of justice. $66 per person just for bagels at one of the nasa's shindigs. i cracked down because big government shouldn't be funding big banquets with your money. some people say i'm a bit of a tightwad. i say, i'm barbara mikulski and i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. is sz.
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>> retired football star junior is in the ospital tonight after driving off a cliff. it happened in carlsbad, california just hours after he played with san diego chargers, miami dolphins and the new >> facebook users beware. some of your personal information
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may have been leaked. "walll6 street journal"is reporting 10 popular facebook applications have been transmitting user permanent information to dozens of advertisiig and i net tracking companies. the breach include users who september their information to private. úacebook spokesman says they have disable all the applications that violent the úhe terms anddthe company is working on new technology to stop tte breach from happening again. >> that brings us to our question of the day. do you think facebook is doong enough go to our web site and tell us what you think. also sound off on facebook and tweet at fox baltimore. text your answer to 45203 a for es and b for no. on news at 10:00.t air tonight keeping your mouth healthy could keep from you getting a life threatening illness. already known good oral hygiene including regular flossing
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lowers your chance of heart disease. now there is evidence it cap alsoomake you less likely you will be develop neck cancer. recent study indicated gum disease breaks down the bone that hold the oots of teeth in pllce and that can lead to the cancer. >> baltimore resident need to brush. that's incorporating& the a new article in men health magazine. the magazine rank city with the worst teeth and& baltimore came innfourth. the city with the worst departmentaa hygiene st. louis, missouri. city with the best sf san jose, california. the rankings were based on several factors including the amount of fluorideein city water and the number of people who saw a dentist innthe past year. >> all right perhaps by now you blocked out all that snow understandably we received last winter but some people are getting quite a rae minder. >> many maryland hospitals are reporting a baay boom. the first bbizzard hit in december and now some 9 months later the babies are coming into the
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world. nurses at shadey grove hospital in rockville say laat september they delivered 4 27 babies. thissyear it was 4 72. >> likely was the day where we both were home from worr. >> leave it at that. i guess it was. >> even talked about getting little ttshirt or something >>reporter: doctors haveaby. warned the hospital to prrpare for even more babies since the storm as you remember continued into february. that's very pleasant rae minder. >> t is a nice reminder. >> vytas is standing by to let us know what is in store ii our forecast. >> i wonder if in honor of predicting the storm anybbdy middle name or anything. >> i onder. any way, we are talking about some -s no storm in the form of snow but raii.
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to the north of us over pennsylvania and back at home a few the brief showers hour and a half, 2 hours ago but that has since pushed off to the east. the blip on the radar. pushed off to the east and main line up to the north of us. úery fine line. look at the stretch from central pennsylvania back through central ohio down through illinois. so very fine line compressed ttat continue to move our way an move n n angle. later tonnght some showers. tomorrow morning -úmaybe some more residual rain from this. heaay rain moving in to portions of pit burg over tooards south of young town, ohio. continue to see this track our way. 63 degrees in baltimore. 66 in dc. 60 in hagerstown. we will sea temperatures cool off a little -úbit tonight down to 51 degrees with showers for omorrow morning. looking at a little radar shower activity as well and this picture here? probably have a little bit of rain involved with it.i'll talk more about that in detail come up in a bit. .
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[applause] if 250,000 dollars. >> baltimore cityywoman wins huge on who wants to be a >> baltimore cityywoman wins huge on who wants to be a bob ehrlich is desperate, and he'll say anything to get elected. negative attacks the media have repeatedly called "dishonest" and "total malarkey." and why can't we trust bob ehrlich? because he raised taxes and fees by $3 billion then denied it... because he says he's for us, but made $2.5 million at a special interest lobbying firm. and ehrlich says he'll cut education again if elected governor. bob ehrlich-- a career politician we really can't trust.
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imagine denying a pregnant woman the choice of health care providers. only one senator voted with big insurance over pregnant women: andy harris. protecting our bay? harris was the only one to vote against cleaning up toxic waste sites. he always sides with the polluters, one of the worst environmental records in the senate. and harris was the only one to vote against extending education for special needs kids. no wonder his republican colleagues think he's too extreme. we can't afford his extreme ideas. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message >> halloween is just around the corner and there is some new dvd releases just in time.
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kandace preview the options in low down. >> ttank you jennifer. we begin with the mmvie predator. adrienne pwroed takes the lead in the latest installment and it's available tomorrow. >> the mavie brings classic franchise back. this time on dvd and blue ray. elite killers find themmelves falling out of the sky into an alien planet into a gruesome pack of hunters looking for human. >> this planet is a game preserve. and we are the game. >>reporter: the warriir band together to survive againsttthe predators. mavie is rated r. more thrills coming your way courttey of the rocky horror picture show. about. >> probably foreigners raised different than our own. >>reporter: cult classic originally released in 1975 but now you can see the 35 anniversary edition on bbue ra
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ray. 2 musical numbers you have never heard before, listen up. the movie is rated r. >> if you would rather watch something to help you relax then check out the documentary ocean. it is a disney under water adventure exploring the wonders of the deep blue sea. >> hardly knew what wonder events were taking place. so close below them. >>reporterr pierce brosnan navigates you through the foot annual featuring the creature and myself industry below the úater. take a dive deep into the world of ocean tomorrow. >> the francis ford coppola apocalypse now being released. new blue ray has theater version and director cut of the film all in high definition. i'm kandace thht's the low down. thanks very much. paying for graduate school got whole heck of a lot easier for one baltimore college student.
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>> mom, carol, carol lift your head up. your dauuhter has 250,000 dollars. oh, yes. kimberly collins úf baltimore won 250 grand on this morning episode of who wants to be a millionaire. kim's mom carol was in the audience as you just saw to celebrate the big cash prize pay out. kim correctly answer add question about the children book good night moon. she was on life line and when she couldn't answer the 500,000 doolar quession she walked awa away. quite smart. kimberly a úraduate student at purdue university. and you can catch who wants to be a millionaire weekday at 11:30 right here on fox 45. weekday at 11:30 right here on fox martin o'malley -- he's taxing me like i'm rich. every time i go to the grocery store, i pay a little more. college tuition in maryland is going up. my utilities are going up... but o'malley would raise our taxes even more. jobs are leaving our state. will my daughters find jobs here? frankly, in this economy...
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i have no more to give. bob ehrlich -- he won't tax us like we're rich. he'll say no to things we can't afford -- just like we do at home. bob ehrlich -- because we can do better. ♪
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bob ehrlich -- because we can do better. . >> in the wake of discouraging loss at the hands of the
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patriots on sunday the area seems to be in a collective funk but there is better news on the horizon. ravens are getting one of the legend back. ed reid cleared to practice and back on the field when practice resumes on wednesday. you remember he had off ssason surgery for hip condition and úas placed oo the physically unable to perform list which cost him firrt 6 week of the season but all behind him now. >> only going to get better with ed reid back there. add a dynamic i think that is going to be a problem for offense because you never know whether he's at. covers ground. sees things other guys don't see. i actually think he would tell you he's had a chance to grow as a ootball player in terms of position he has been in as a coach. and he's probably he's always a guy that wann to learn. study. and he's added so mmch to what we have done as a coaching staff and his players and all that. but we ccptain be sure he will play this week, it's. so just have to see how it goes.
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>>reporter: could have used him yesteeday. be sure to join me tonight at 7:30 for the coors light silver spotlight. rookie tight end dennis spit will be our guest at del rosa in canton. be sure to get theee early and wear the purple and black for the coors light silver spotlight at del la rose. more from harbaugh talking about the cheap shot on todd heat and addresses trade rumors and play of the week count down see what is possibly the catch of the year. maybe the century. all coming up tonight at 10:50 open sports unlimited. >> thank you bruce. win or lose ravvn fans continue o show their purple pride. >> yes. this photo of 19 month old grand-daughter. she likes to wear the ravens cheer leader outfit for each and every game. warning i will bite steelier fans. and we want you to share your purple pride with us too. show us how you support the
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ravens by sending your fan pictures to us. go to our web site and click on purple pride in the community feature section. >> like the photo. >> a lot of fun. >> rain on the way. >> vytas back with updaae on when it gets here. >>reporter: lacking at agent border we saw a few drops comee down a little while ago but the most part rain starts llter this evening and then into tomorrow morning looks like a
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